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Mobile Truck Training Almost ready to Roll

Hi All


Well It’s been a long time coming, With delays and just trying to get things sorted.
I Have finally started testing the Rig..
I am hoping this will be a start of a whole new way for fitness training.
This is just not ‘Bootcamp’ As I believe this has be done way too much Esp with instructors that just don’t know how to do
Bootcamps properly.
The only kinds of ‘Bootcamps’ That anyone needs to do, Is ones that are actually taken by Military or Ex-Military personal.
Anything else is just not the same….


But What I am doing will hopefully be MORE…
As you can see by pictures, I will be using Equipment that will provide a much more all round workouts, using some very unique ways
to get people fit and healthy…
In the session with one of my clients (Thank you Liam)

We used..

CrossCore 180
Super bands
Rotational War Hammer
Olympic Bar with Bumpers Plates…
All great for a good all round session…


KB Swings
KB Cleans
KB farmer walks
Pull ups
Bent over Rows
Flyes with the Crosscore
One arm row
and of course plenty of runs/Sprints…  lol


This is Truly UNIQUE way of Training…
Some pics below..



IMG_0410 IMG_0414


IMG_0415     IMG_0419








Also here is a Sample Video…



More features to come…
Still Testing out Routines and sessions, to see what is feasible…

‘Learn to love that burn’   🙂