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Morning Wake-Ups Workouts No.5 15062013


Hi all..


Let me start off first with apologises with not posting during the week,
I’ve been really busy with clients, and writing up my ‘AFTERBURNER’ finishers..
So I’m discovering some “old school” techniques that still work and how to get great results..


Please be a little patient and  check out how I will “tweak” this approach for training  for some Brilliant Afterburner finishers…

Also I have rigged up some old tyres to be able to do Tyre pulls loaded up with kettlebell to provide an awesome complex to any session..






But on to My Morning wake up WOW..




Wake up,  have small protein shake and banana. Packed with carbohydrates, the banana gives energy for the workout. It’s just enough.
After the workout, Eat a full protein shake and proper breakfast – usually consisting of cereal or Porridge oats.
The shake and cereal/porridge will give the body the protein and carbohydrates that it needs to rebuild and repair my muscles.


Here is the workout.





Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone,
To take anywhere…


That’s all for now..




‘Learn to Love that Burn’ :)