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My Mobile Truck Training Taking Shape

Hello Everyone..

Just a Quick blog here, just to update on my Unique 4×4 mobile Truck Training..
(Still working on a good Title..lol)
I still have a few things to Iron out and get ready.


Plus Sorting out a big Photo shoot for publications and A New Store for My “Spyder Fitness Suspension Training”
Also I will be doing Video shoots using the Spyder Trainer..
So I will keep you informed when it comes closer to fruition.
But I digress..


Today I had one of my Clients Liam..
As it was a Nice day today 5/9/12, We went through some tester workouts using multiple equipment.
But Not everything… lol

Great session…
And Here is what Liam had to say…
I have been working with Jason at the Trainers Edge for about 2 months and have been really impressed with the workouts that he has used during my sessions. What makes the Trainers Edge stand out is the friendly ethic Jason provides and the range of workouts that are used to keep the personal training fun and interesting. Additionally the Trainers Edge incorporates workouts outside which I feel are a more intense workout and therefore more rewarding. Overall, I would highly recommend the Trainers Edge to anyone looking to increase their fitness whist having fun, with a personal trainer that will motivate you to pursue your goals even when workouts get tough!
Cheers, Liam

So there you Go….


More updates very soon…. 8 months in the planing It’s all coming together very nicely.. 


Latez Everyone…. And Remember…. “Learn to Love that Burn” 

Jason  🙂