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Nearly finished – Phase 1….

Hello All..

Ok, Been very busy in the last week, Finishing off my new venture,
Trying to go more into home and outside training, ( when the weather is good..lol )
I have been putting together over the last few months ideas and the very best Equipment to kit out my new truck.

I have gone for a 4×4 truck as it can be more versatile plus it looks more cooler than a plain old transit van or Transporter van.
I am kitting it out with a full set of kettlebells and tons of other stuff, Tyres (Large and small)
Battling ropes plus a few other cool rope ideas thats not been used here before (well not that i know of).
So the new graphics have been put on. pics below showing it getting laid down.

Half way through…

Nearly finished, just door handles and seals to added.

And the last all finished..

It almost all finished, Just have to install the top rig when it comes,
From that I will be able to use my own Spyder Suspension Trainer on it plus be able to do pull ups..
The Truck will be a complete training system, Like nothing around before.
( I have to start preparing for the best workouts around before anyone else steals the idea.. )

Well that’s my busy week…
Also must add  I have been training all my clients in Gym and about.
This phase of my plans are nearly complete, and So I am moving into my next phase, Which I am keeping under wraps for now.
More news on that very soon..

Latez everyone.
And Remember…. Learn to love that burn… 🙂