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New Kettlebell workout… It’s an Evil one…


Hi Everyone..


Start of January. Things are busy… and a new kettlebell workout for you..
but first of all… Hopefully will be get videos and photos done using the ‘Mobile Truck Training’ Soon

Also I’m on a major offensive with my own Training…

To be honest, I’ve been lax of late… Just doing other work and concentrating with Clients,
so I am make a big effort to get back to what I was from a few years ago…



Just got around to upload a new Kettlebell workout..

This is a bit of an Evil one, Mainly focus on Upper body.
But before trying this workout, Please make sure you warm up properly,
Activation of all muscles is/are really important to avoid injury.
Especially when using Kettlebells, They can cause major tares in ligaments and tendons.
Please Start with a Kettlebell or Pair that is Challenging but not too so that you can not manage all Reps laid out.

But please give it a go….





Right Click on Image and Save…. Use anywhere..


So there you go for this week..
Please look back at other blog posts as there are more weekly workouts…


Until next time..


‘Learn to Love that Burn’  :)