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New Weekly workout.. Marine Corp Circuits

Hi All…


Here is an update with what’s been happening in the Last week..


Well All the materials for my mobile rig is now in.. Had a little finding U-bolts, but I have found the right size and fits good.


In next week I shall be putting it together and testing it out..
It’s been a long time in coming, Really wanted it up and running in the Summer, But I had to work out a few details.
I still may have to add in some support poles, but it should take about 3-5 mins to put up..
So This will be excellent for Suspension training and CrossCore training,

Also Could be used for pull ups, But I’ll need to extensively test it out, Most prob over the Xmas period..


Ok So on to the ‘Weekly Workout’


I have but together a ‘MarineCorp’ Style circuits..
These are intensive but well worth it..

It comprises of  7 exercises with a 5 minute run at beginning of each round..
This is then repeated 4 times to equal 1 Circuit..
Rest 4 minutes and then repeat…


An Smart phone Friendly image is below..



Right Click on Image and Save…. Use anywhere..


So there you go for this week..
Please look back at other blog posts as there are more weekly workouts…


Until next time..


‘Learn to Love that Burn’  🙂