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New Workout – Lucky number 7’s

Hi Everyone.


Here we are again, Another week gone and nearly Christmas.
And what a horrible week so far in the Uk, Rain Wind and more Rain.
I am so glad that I have a 4×4 Truck now..lol
I have started to advertise on my ‘Mobile Truck Training’

More info on that soon.


Not much to report on this week,
But I have had tubing in to make my top rig for my truck, so just have to make it up and heavily test it out before I let it loose on my clients.
So I have put together a nice Little workout routine if you need to Do a quicky..


I’ve called it Lucky Number 7’s


It’s just some of the best exercises you should do when in a gym..
It’s a really easy routine, nothing here very difficult.
I will be writing up other lucky 7’s as times go by, Including Suspension Straps and Kettlebells etc.

So look out for them very soon..




You can just ‘right click and Save’ on image, and either print it off, or upload it to your smartphone.


Ok.. Hope you enjoy..

Also like to point out that I am still very available for new clients,
I have a few slots left, So please contact me asap.



‘ Learn to Love that Burn ‘





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