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Olympic bar – Bumpers With new Attachments

Hi All…

Just an update..

Have received the final part of my Mobile Truck trainer equipment..
– – So far – –   lol

Here is a pick of the bar with bumpers…
This latest acquirement means I can now do more Olympic Lifts and mini Crossfit workouts..




Also I have got a number of new and unique Attachments, That as far as i know I am the only Pt in the area that has this..
It is called the War Hammer.
Attached is a short Video of a Sample of what can be achieved.





And Finally I have a Clean and Jerk attachment..

This will prove a excellent way of perfecting the “Clean and Jerk” without the worry of getting tecnique wrong.
Plus this attachment can do many other Exercises…





So there you go, Lots of new and exciting Routines Ready for anyone to train in a Truly Unique Way..

I will be shooting Videos very soon with these pieces of Equipment, Plus lots of extras like with
Kettlebells and tyres etc.

And the best is yet to come…. lol


Check for more news soon…
Until next time..


‘ Learn to Love that Burn’