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Quick Review of Matrix’s Ignite Pre workout Booster


Hi All..


Okay this is my Quick Review of Matrix’s Ignite Pre workout Booster.





You can Buy Ignite Matrix Here..


Here we are talking about Ignite Matrix from Matrix it looks like a pretty decent pre-workout supplement all around for a reasonable price as well.



If I hadn’t received some free samples, I don’t think I would’ve bought it – it’s price per serving is almost as much as the ready-to-drink types of pre-workouts. That being said, surprise was that it worked really well for me.


I started with 1 scoop, I normally do with these pre workout Supplements just to load up and soon after quickly moved up to 2 which I found to be perfect. Large amount of energy which was good for intense lifting days. Focus definitely sharpened once it kicked in, and my stamina felt improved as well.

But my Immediate impressions were..
First off: The flavour is really way too Bitter for my taste anyways (Orange) If on the label it said it was a bitter orange then ok, Maybe it Matrix could find an alternative to this sweetener?
I had to mix in some Orange Juice just to make it more palatable for my taste buds, But If you drink it quickly you may get over the taste.



Second, it does get you going! About 20 minutes after I took the drink supplement I had a better be work out!!!
It does give a nice rush of energy that allows you to push through a few more reps.


If your the type of person that doesn’t ever seem to get enough energy out of your pre workouts, or you simply want a change from the massive caffeine loading like what you find in Ignite is a great option for you to try out.
Overall though a good solid pre-workout supplement for improving energy (without really overdoing it), strength, and endurance.



If you’re thinking about trying a pre workout booster give this one a try…

But I’d advise Taste the different flavours to find out which one is the best for you, Orange flavour is ok, if you like a Bitter Taste. 🙂



Thank you to Supplement Centre






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 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’