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Rowing Workout 3032013


Hi all


I have been a little Lack in posting with what’s been Happening with my Business and how it’s growing..


Good news it is growing, Even though in this business climate t is very difficult..
Especially with the amount of new Fitness/Personal trainers about today..
Not naming names, But there are some real dire ones about,
Even a friend wrote in her Blog.
That ‘Most Pt’s don’t know even how to demonstrate or even watch for a Proper ‘Hip Hinge’
Some Pt’s are Certified but NOT Qualified..
Not just here in the UK but all over the world…

Also, I’ve been workout out new Beach Training Ideas,,




Hopefully Mine will be totally unique…
But I have to find a time a place when i can do this…
As been researching when and where i can do this, And I am finding out that


Either the Local council is being total dicks with myself using truck near the beach,
Or there are other Pt’s doing ‘Beach workouts” when I have People wanting training at same time,
So I have to look for different locations..



Here is a quick Rowing Circuit that I have made out for you..






Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone,
To take anywhere…



That’s it for now..


‘Learn to Love that Burn’  :)