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Sensible Holiday Fitness – Some Quick Tips to Keep Fit


Hi All….



Tis the season for Personal training Exeter?, But almost everyone worries about fitness during the holiday season.

The first thing that happens is that you find yourself going to Christmas party and then partying more often.

That really throws you off your normal eating habits. You end up eating and Drinking more and consuming more calories.

It’s more often or not fruits and veggies that you are consuming! Yeah….






The second thing about this season is that schedules are always different for everyone. Workplaces sometimes have a reduced staff owing to holiday travel or even illness.

Depending on the business, it might be quieter as deadlines are shoved away into January to permit a full quorum of workplace staff to complete assignment.

The third aspect to think about around the holidays is that family members are also on holiday schedule. Children are now at home from school looking for activities to do.

Spouses might have more free time away from their workplace as well. They may want to go on a shopping trip or time to go to family members that may live some distance away

(We’ve all been there on those obligatory trips).


So how do you keep fitness in your life and stop worrying about being out of shape by January?
The first thing to do is to stop worrying and enjoy the down time.

Worrying will actually increase your stress level. That is not something you need at this time. Instead, choose to relax and take it in stride. The holidays only last a couple of weeks. You might be a few pounds more than usual. However, you can do something about it come January.



“Going to work in January and facing Blue Monday – the third Monday in January (January 19, 2015) and so-called ‘most depressing day of the year.”


In January, you can start with hiring a personal trainer ( like myself) to get you back on the straight and narrow. Book a few sessions to streamline your efforts back to fitness..

A personal trainer’s job is to make sure your strategy is targeted and efficient. This way, you won’t be guessing your way back to health and lose motivation. You will waste less time with a trainer in the loop.
But be carful before you decide on hiring a personal trainer, Find a coach/trainer that doesn’t have a cookie cutter program, What that means is…
Taking a plan ready made from a magazine or Web site, tailored to No one…
I’ve come across more than a handful of not-so-qualified trainers in my 12 + years – at gyms that I’ve been a member and worked at.


They’re very easily detectable to me now, because I know the difference between someone who acts like a trainer, and someone who actually knows their stuff.


Because let’s be honest. Unfortunately, the average gym-go-ers who wants to get in shape can be easily influenced by said unqualified trainer’s persuasive personality, bulging biceps, and yammering off some jargon that’s way over the potential client’s head.

And that’s not to say that average client is dumb, it’s just that fitness and training isn’t their field of education or occupation. That person might be an accountant, and know everything there is to know about accounting, but it’d be hard for them to know the difference a personal trainer with legitimate knowledge and know-how and a dummy.
Make sure the coach/trainer is interested in “personal” training and takes you individual’s interest and inclinations into account when writing up the program. Also just as important is motivation.

Being accountable to someone is one of the biggest secrets of success. Even if you’re self-motivated and can hit the gym, I GUARANTEE you’ll push yourself harder when someone is looking over your shoulder during a training session or when you must report your results to a coach every week.


(Fact: You can accelerate your results by 80% with a personal trainer)



Mobile personal training is the current wave at the moment. Why not give it a try? Look at my blogs and Facebook pages to see how I implement outside mobile training. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and go to a gym.

Instead I can come to you. The motivation of having a trainer come to you is incredible. You will have no more excuses. You will become fit. There is no “if I have the time” in the loop to consider.


Just relax during the holidays. but If you do find some time before everyone else gets up, put in some time doing the following short exercises:


1. Do some squats… maybe 20, then an hour later do 30 more and more as the day goes on.


2. Make up a little routine like: 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 vertical jumps, 20 high knees, 20 butt kicks. This is just a quick example, but in my blog I have many simple FREE workouts that you can pick and try.

3. Include as much vegetables and fruits as you can along with all the holiday eating. Apples are great as snacks.


4. Try to get some fresh air. Being indoors on holidays for the whole stretch deprives your body of much needed oxygen and can lead to crankiness!


5. Enjoy your holidays. Don’t get worked up about being away from your fitness routine. Remember holidays only come once a year and you should enjoy them!






Also Just to announce that I have gathered up the past 12 weeks of 30 minute workouts into 1 ebook pdf.
This will be available Free to all my new clients…
Plus anyone that contacts me directly..

In this ebook there are the 12 weeks worth of FREE workouts, PLUS extra nutrition and fitness tips that is not in my other FREE ebook

’20 Fat touching Tips Tricks and Techniques’







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Train Real Hard and Eat Real Food – It’s that simple!




Jason.. Personal training Exeter