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Some Strength and Conditioning tips to help in 2014


Hi All…


This will be mos probably my last post before the new year, So I will leave this year with some information that everyone could learn from in 2014.


So This year (2013) Unquestionably, one of the more common discussions that I come across is which factor is most significant while in getting in shape. Some will argue that it’s 80% diet, while others will say that it’s all training (astonishing how frequently these individuals follow NO diet plan at all). I don’t know that it’s conceivable to put a value on any peculiar portion of bodybuilding, but below is my impression on which is the most important element of training.

In this composition, you will come across the term “bodybuilder”. I recognise that most that read this will never, nor do they have any inclination to compete in an real bodybuilding competition. That’s ok, I believe anyone that tries to stay in shape is  a bodybuilder, because building your body is what you are doing it’s that simple!

Weightlifting and Resistance Training (Anaerobic)
Lifting is unquestionably the accelerator that forges growth. To make a muscle reach new levels of size and strength, you have to overload that muscle with a resistance that it is not used to , and keep overloading the muscle to make sure that it does not stop growing. Okay Let’s face it, it says a lot about an somebody that gives several hours a week to somatogenetic labour to make themselves stronger and look better.



But it Is not as easy as just picking up a weight and moving it until you’re fatigued. It takes serious planning and strategy to ensure the muscles react the way we wish them to. Every single rep and set system is designed with a different objective in mind, whether it’s raised muscular endurance, increased muscle size, or enhanced strength; you have to plan on how you’re going to accomplish one goal over time while not completely ignoring the others.



There are more ways to break up your training into different body parts on different days than there are people working those body parts. The possibilities are infinite. Each individual has to make up one’s mind what is best for their body, this Mostly comes from months, if not years of trial and error. Lifting is the building of the body, the de facto undertaking that builds the house.

Looking at all of the above, lifting weights and working out has to be the overall most crucial factor, right?



As I referred before, it says a lot about a person that will commit many hours a week to physical undertaking to make themselves stronger and more muscular. With that being said, think about this: How many people do you see in your gym on a regular basis? Ok, now how many of them have changed the way they look over the last 3 months? I’d be willing to bet that there aren’t that many or at least the ones that are taking the Roids – ( But that a whole other story).


If it were only about going into gyms and lifting weights, the gym would be full of over-muscled freaks. Away from  those few that were genetically blessed with great muscular development, the only way (legally) to build muscle is to provide the body with the suitable nutrients, amounts of those nutrients, and when to have the nutrients it needs to grow: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.


In my opinion, diet is the most difficult facet of fitness, for the ordinary person to adapt to. From the time we were children, we have been instructed to eat everything in sight. When we were sad, we ate. When we were happy, we ate. Celebrations often offer birthday cakes and sweets sodas etc. Do you think it is conceivable to stay lean and gain muscle on a diet of birthday cake?. It takes discipline to quash the temptation of sweets and greasy fast foods that are everywhere: on television, on billboards, even now in the checkout line at the grocery store.


It’s nearly impossible to escape. Four out of ten people in the UK are considered obese, or at least 30 pounds overweight. While we have become a lazier society and do not exercise anywhere near enough, and much of that can be attributed to diet. It’s way too easy to stop at McDonalds on the way home or just order pizza and have it delivered to our home. You can’t beat the convenience, but most of the items at restaurants are designed to taste good, not to be bodybuilder friendly. But bodybuilding aside – you should always eat to fuel whatever your activity. Applying strong nutritional patterns will help you achieve whatever you’re trying to accomplish faster.

If weightlifting is the building of the home, the diet is unquestionably the materials it takes to build the home. You can’t build a home out of air alone.


Don’t do cardio if you want to build muscle. Do you know how often I hear that? Well, let me say this: it is completely wrong. In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Remember, the heart is a muscle, and it is the most crucial muscle, and it must be worked like any other muscle.

Cardio should not alone be regarded as a weight loss tool. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good way to create a calorie deficit. But it is also a great way to increase circulation. How does that benefit you as a bodybuilder? When we workout, waste is abstracted from our muscles. Increased circulation will help in the removal of this waste from our bodies. Also, increased circulation will curb the point at which our muscles produce lactic acid. Ever feel that burn toward the end of a set? That’s lactic acid. So Wouldn’t it be nice if the point at which that lactic acid built up was delayed? Well, doing cardio will delay lactic acid accumulation!

Ok, if lifting is the building of the house, and diet is the materials of which the house is built, than cardio could be viewed as setting up the electrics in the house. What is the house worth if the electrical systems aren’t up to speed?

To be  honest, I feel that this is the most overstressed portion of considering a great body. Dont get me wrong, there are supplements that do have uses. I completely recommend a high quality multivitamin, flax seeds and other healthy oils, and amino acids. I will also say that creatine monohydrate works to a point. And Meal Replacement Powders, bars and protein are by all odds easy and convenient ways to assist us in getting both the necessarily calories and nutrients that we need. Other than that, I pretty much stay away from everything else.


As much as most people don’t want to hear this, there however hasn’t been a magic pill made. To lose fat, you have to safely reduce your calorie intake beneath what you burn in a given day, but not as much to where you’re burning muscle. To acquire muscle, you must raise them the proper amount to be more than what you burn in a day, but not so much to where you put on fat. Both of these processes are slow. Typically, you shouldn’t lose more than 2lbs in a week. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be gaining any more than 1-2 pounds in a week, unless you’re trying to gain fat.
I always try to emphasise that supplements are just that: SUPPLEMENTS. That word means ‘in addition to’. They should not be the foundation of any program. Using the house analogy, supplements could be considered a flat screen television. They’re very nice to have, but not totally necessary. Always do a cost and benefit analysis on any supplement. Is the cost worth the gain? Most supplements are rather pricey. Are the gains you receive (if any) worth your hard earned money?


Again, there are supplements that work, some do. But if you’re looking for a supplement that will give you steroid results, you’re going to be looking for a long long time. If they worked like steroids, they would be illegal  steroids. 


If there is the  X-factor in training, rest is one. Contrary to popular belief, more is not best when talking about fitness. You have got to allow your body to recover between workouts. This does not just mean work a different body part the next day. It means not breaking your body down to where it cannot recover. Working out not only taxes the body part you are working, it also puts unbelievable stress on your CNS central nervous system. If you are lifting 5-6 days a week, there is a very good chance your body does not have the chance to ever recover and reach its optimal level of performance.


It actually goes deeper than that. Your body is NOT recovering if you aren’t sleeping at least 8 hours a night. I know that it’s tough to get to sleep, especially with our jobs and families, but if you want to operate at your pinnacle, you need to be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night. I do want to mention that you cannot catch up on sleep. If you only sleep 4 hours on Monday, don’t think that sleeping 13 hours on Tuesday will make up the difference. Remember, be consistent!


The house? Rest is definitely the maintenance. If you don’t take care of your inside and outside of your house by general repair and maintenance, it’s not going to be worth a whole lot down the road.

Essentially, I can’t say that one component is more significant than the other. Everyone seems to have a different opinion.


My opinion? Exercise, diet and nutrition, and rest are all pieces of a larger pie. If you want to reach your optimum level of fitness, you have to integrate all of the parts.


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