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Strength Training 101 – Selecting The Right Weight



Hi all..


A quick article here about how I see more often or not  People picking up the wrong weight when at gym…
Now mostly the ‘Guys’ Will want to show off and will pick up the heaviest weight They think they can lift.

And usually this will be way more heavier than they can handle.


So i thought to write out a liilte article about what people should start of with when Strength training, Because it it as not easy as picking up the biggest weight in the gym to stroke your EGO….





So Equipment as weights, bells, elastics, and so on is used to help us build resistance. strength training has several benefits as well, as while you train it is vital to us the correct equipment, specifically when using weights.
When using weights it is important to find the correct weight and not use too much or too little. Strength training requires stress to be put on your muscles, in return making them stronger. It is recommended to perform strength training two to three times a week, which will help condition the muscles.



There are many techniques utilised to identify the correct weight that needs to be used for strength training at a given time, for a given person. By utilising the “ten rep” rule the best weight can be judged by your ability to lift a specific weight for ten reps. If the weight you are working on gets you too tired before 10 repetitions, or if you lose your good form before 10 reps, then the weight is also heavy.






Eventually your body will certainly start to get used to the weight that you are making use of, and you will end up being comfortable utilising this weight, to the degree that you will certainly be able to do additional than 10 repetitions. If you can easily do 12 reps with your weight your using, then this is an indication that your strength training is functioning. If you keep functioning at this weight level, then you will not obtain any kind of strength perks because it the quits being challenging.


Make certain to consistently know just what your body is doing while doing strength training. Remain in control. Keep your activities controlled during workouts. When lifting your weights, it’s ideal to move slowly, in order to obtain the most effective out of your exercise.


Your objective below is to function your muscles, and also not to merely simply do as several repetitions as well as sets as you can. This is a genuine workout out enhance your muscles which in return you manage to do numerous reps. Do not jerk the weights or swing them around. Doing this will add unnecessary as well as undesirable stress to your joints, perhaps inducing injury to on your own and also those around you.



Be sure to listen to your body as well as take precaution. While it is normal to really feel something while training if you really feel excessive pain on a muscular tissue, muscle group, or other location, then you must pause.

Because failure to rest might create in injury, it is essential to understand when to do this. Discomfort in your muscles is regular, and is a sign that the physical exercise is functioning. Sharp pain, nevertheless, may be a sign that you are exercising way too much.
Remember keep it challenging and consistently remain focused.





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 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’