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The Best Core Strength Exercise For Runners, Period!



Hi all…


I’ve recently Been training with a new Client and She is really serious into running 5K, 10K and higher.
So I have included a single exercise here that will immediately improve her and your running performance and enhance your fitness to the next level.



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If you want to dominate your competition or old times then keep on reading….


Muscle strengthening exercises for runners are an absolute must if you intend on being competitive.

Whether or not you run for competition or recreation you cannot expect to do well and prolong your abilities without the implementation of smart and effective strength training.
If you are a runner and are looking to drastically improve your performance then you have got to engage in core strength training exercises to get you physically prepared.



Kettlebell Renegade Rows:

This is Serious Core Strength For Runners..




Strengthening core muscles means that you have to load your body by maximising the amount of force that is applied upon your working muscles. By creating force your body must maximally tension in order to support the weighted load that has been placed upon it.
This can be smartly done by engaging in lifts and exercises that are multi-joint in nature. A great exercise for doing this and ensuring the development of your big core muscles is by implementing kettlebell renegade rows.


In order to execute a set of renegade rows you must have a pair of kettlebells of moderate resistance. Place the bells on the ground at about shoulder width distance apart in length. Get into an upright push up position with your hands on the bells and your feet at about a shoulder width distance apart in length.

Next, simply perform a push up while stabilising your body on the bells. Once you ascend up out of the push up simply pick one of the bells up off of the ground to row it to your ribcage and return it to the ground. As soon as you place it back on the ground then simply perform a second push up and row the other bell to your ribcage. Once you have completed both sides you count that as a single repetition.


If you were looking for a superior core strengthening exercise for running then you just found it. If you are going to be the least bit competitive in running you MUST have a smart strength and conditioning program set in place. Kettlebell training will provide you with this by allowing you to meet this need.
If you haven’t started implementing renegade rows into your arsenal of core strength training exercises then you are missing out. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the champions train smart my friend.


Take the time to endure the learning curve and start making progress today!



Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!






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Train Real Hard and Eat Real Food – It’s that simple!




Jason.. Personal training Exeter