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The importance of Kettlebell swings

Hi All


Just a quick weekly update to my blog here..

My Mobile Truck Trainer s almost complete, just still waiting for final drawings for the top rig.
It has taken a little while to get going, but i need it to be strong and Safe. So not long now before that’s up and ready.

I have a few new ideas for my ultimate cross training, Will be using some of those routines with clients in next couple weeks, when that’s complete i can launch it.


But Going back to title of Blog…

I have always maintained that using Kettlebells for Strength and conditioning..
It’s one of the best pieces of equipment to use. “Low tech equipment High end Results”

I have always tried every day do do at least 50 kettlebell swings, This has most defiantly improved my hips and Trunk.
Thus giving me a good stretch with in my legs especially my hamstrings,
As I am getting older my Hams were starting to get tighter, until I started about this time last year KB swings, (double handed and single handed)
I have recently (now I got a little bit of time) got back doing more heavy compound exercises routines, incorporating Deadlifts, RDL’s and jefferson’s
Plus Different squat Techniques, Normal squats, front squats, Zercher’s and hack’s..
And I am making great improvements, This I reckon is from the Basic KB swings I perform on a daily basis.


Also just read this great article from T Nation.
Its about “5 Mistakes That Killed My Progress” by Todd Bumgardner.


I do urge you to read this as it is very informative.

So when you see a kettlebell Please don’t just walk by and think it;s just another “Fad”
These Low tech pieces of Equipment, Will Help you get great results.

If anyone Wishes to try out Kettlebells, I am a Fully Qualified KB trainer,
And I’ll be more than Happy to give  a 30 min Free taster session.
Contact me for more details.

Until next week.
“Learn to Love that Burn  🙂 “