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The ultimate 30 day butt challenge



Hi all…


Hope all is well with everyone..



So today I have made up a excellent 30 day challenge..


I get asked alot about toning up the bum, and the quickest way to do this..


Plus after watch the 2013 VMA’s the other day and viewing all the posts on twitter and Facebook about Miley Cyrus, and How she really needs to tone up her Bum,



So I designed this for everyone so hopefully you will not be caught without a good toned bum..



Take this Ultimate 30 Day Butt Challenge Today!

Get your body in shape and tone up your bum with this great 30 day bum workout challenge.
With 5 different exercises to perform, which can all be done in your own home with only little need for specialist

equipment just some light Dumbbell and a Kettlebell, you can tone up and get a great bum in only 30 days.

This Ultimate 30 day program has been designed to help tone and firm up the Upper Legs, thighs and buttocks to ensure you always look your best, whether it be from the front or the back!


You do not have to complete all the exercises in one go, you can split the exercises up throughout your workout or you can even split the reps up thought the day without missing out on the overall benefits. Just please ensure you complete the challenge correctly and get the maximum benefit
This challenge has been designed so that novices and experts can do this challenge,  the number on the chart representing doing 1 rep of each exercise only per day.

Most 30 day challenges just use maybe 2 or 3 exercises, But I have designed this challenge with the 5 best to tone up your bum. The fitter you are to start with, the more reps you could do, however if you are just starting out I recommend following the challenge charts as they are!
Jut build up to the last day, and then see how well you have done..


Also of note please Make sure you are eating a good Diet when taken on these challenge, the better the diet you have the more effective this challenge will be..

Take up the Ultimate 30 day butt tone challenge today!!





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That’s all for now..


 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’