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Hi all…


Well Christmas is nearly here,  family parties, etc etc We are all going to experience them in some sort of way. And I’d like to share a few Christmas tip to help avoid putting on the Holiday Fat over the next few Days…






1. Eat a heavy protein meal with veggies before you attend any party. This ensures your hunger has been satisfied and you will eat less junk at your future destination.


2. Drink water before any party or family function. Drinking 3-4 glasses of water gives your stomach the illusion of feeling full and decreases your appetite.


3. Increase your Omega-3’s. If you know you are going to consume additional calories increase your omega-3 intake as much as 8-10,000mg per day via fish oil or flaxseed oil for optimal fat burning.


4. Portion control, a serving size should be able to fit in the palm of your hand. Try it all but in moderation!


5. Consumption order: As you sit down with your heaping plate eat your salad, vegetables and protein first. You will quickly begin to feel full and are less likely to finish the remaining carbs on your plate.


6. Pick your poison: If you are going to eat big leave the alcohol out of the equation. Or viscus versus. The more you eat the more alcohol you can consume. Dangerous combo!!


7. Leave the leftovers. Mums and Grandmothers love to send us home with turkey sandwiches, Sweets,pies and leftovers. Say thank you but no thank you. Leave it!!!

8. Brush your teeth right after you eat or keep minty sugarless gum in your pocket. Will help keep you from binging on more food.


9. Split desert with your partner or a family member. If no one to split with take half a serving.


10.  Exercise on the day of a Holiday party: If you want to eat bad then you need to earn it. Get your ass in the gym as soon as possible after Xmas day, Hit hard some high interval training (HIIT) cardio session and intense leg workout in. Make those bad foods work for you.


11. Try not to starve yourself all day before xmas day. It’s the Worst thing you can do. Get up, exercise and eat healthy all day. Do not send your body into shock by starving then packing in tons of food so it goes into storage mode. Keep it consistent!!


12. make sure you Chose lifting over cardio. The average moderately intense hour long lifting session can burn twice as many calories as a low intensity hour long cardio session as well as build your metabolism. Just SIMPLE – HIT THE WEIGHTS!!



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That’s all for now..


 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’