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Training with Fat gripz…


Hi Everyone…

Hoping everyone had a good Christmas and New Year..


I have great plans for 2013, “Mobile Truck Training’ for one.
Plus a few others, that I will keep to myself for now…


I’ve been using my Fat Gripz! of a few weeks now and I am finding good results.

Here are some benefits of using fat grips.

- Better grip strength and forearm development.
– Can help with overall muscular recruitment.
– Useful at helping get through plateaus.


I tend to drop one or two fat grip exercises in my back and arms routines and occasionally drop a chest exercise or deadlift into other sessions. My favourite exercises to use them with are:


Lat Pull Downs
Bicep Curls (All Variations)
Tricep Cable press downs
Dumbbell Presses
Bench presses
Pull Ups
Deadlifts (back end of a workout with lower weight)



fat gripz2

fat gripz1



I am getting really good results from bicep curls and rows, with literally my whole arms getting a fantastic pump. Also, for pressing motions the grip challenge increases neural drive which can pack the shoulder and protect it against rotator cuff issues.
However I wouldn’t recommend exclusively using them as they can get in the way with your big lifts. I advise dropping them into a workout here and there to help with your weak links rather than exclusively fat gripz routines.
But I’ve also found some great uses in training the average client with them as well. For example I had a client with arthritis in her hands. The fat gripz making the bar thicker meant that she was able to grip it.


If your into climbing, MMA or any sport requiring hand strength they are a no brainer. £30 for something is easily transportable, has a big training impact and is virtually indestructible. It is fantastic value in my opinion.
A link to be able to buy them on my site will be up very soon..


More updates to come… Plus a new Workout..


‘ Learn to Love that Burn’  🙂