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TTE Weekly Workout routine: 0011


Hi all…


Here is your week 0011 of your Daily 30 Minute workout..

This week is a good cardio burst…
This routine also has some upper body strength elements put into it, such as Renegade row ( which can be done with dumbells or just bodyweight)

The last exercise is an burpee with a count of 6 ‘Plank jacks’ added into it…




Here is what a  ‘Plank jack’ looks like. Learn Proper Plank Jack Form






Step 1: Get down on your forearms and toes, and make your body into a straight line.

Step 2: Jump slightly with your toes and spread your legs out.

Step 3: Jump again slightly with your toes and bring your legs back together.

Step 4: This completes one repetition.




If you aren’t sure how to do it please Google image search it or look on YouTube for some examples.



So here is your week 11 workout….





There we go….


Just ‘Right Click” and Save image as to your computer and then upload it to your smartphone,
To take anywhere…


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That’s all for now..


 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’