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Weekly workout.. Marine Corp Circuits No2 03052013



Hi All


After a week of Frustration and People being So Deceitful,

I have Decided to end the week on a positive note,

and Not let The this Idiot Get the Better of Me..

As I will be Watching Him Like an Hawk from Now on….!!!!


But the Positive on to the ‘Weekly Workout’


I have but together another ‘MarineCorp’ Style circuits..



MarineCorp 2



As the Last one I did has been so Popular Being Used and Shared around Social Media
These are intensive but well worth it..


It comprises of  8 exercises with a 5 minute run at beginning of each round..
This is then repeated 4 times to equal 1 Circuit..
Rest 4 minutes and then repeat…






Right Click on Image and Save…. Use anywhere..


So there you go for this week..
Please look back at other blog posts as there are more weekly workouts…


Until next time..


‘Learn to Love that Burn’  :)