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Welcome to my new Blog

Hello Everyone.
May say a big thank you for reading my New Blog, and Viewing my web site.
I shall intend to add new articles and videos of workouts, my views in Exercise and training.

Lots of new exciting prospects coming in the next few weeks.
I am very busy in getting them all ready. But I really do hope it takes off.
It’s been 8 months in preparation, so I hope it all works..
I’m am nervous but very excited to get this venture going.

With the 2012 London Olympics Just finished and the Paralympics just a few weeks away,
I’m hoping this will engage the public to increase their exercise activates or for some just starting..
The Trainers Edge will help anyone to increase their exercise routines, Nutrition values and really anything to do with fitness and well-being.
Please keeping coming back to my blog and site, as I will be talking about the advantages about Kettle bells and lots of other cool stuff, Ie The Crosscore, My own ‘Spyder Fitness Suspension Trainer’ and lots more…
Thanks for reading
And Learn to Love that Burn. 🙂