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Whats coming in 2014…..


Hi all..


Been a few weeks since my last update…



So I’ve been busy with lots of new projects, Hopefully these will be going online in early 2014..

I’ve been bust writing Strength and Conditioning Articles, and my ‘Afterburner Finisher’ workouts..

Also I’ve made a new little promo video that you can see on my front page, or here below.



But I have almost finished my collection of workouts that you can download and use soon…

These include lots of new ways to train, with some unique training ideas…







The ’20 Fat Torching Tips, Tricks and Techniques’ will be available as a FREE download….

The rest will be available at a very reasonable price in early 2014…


Here is the promo video…
I plan to make more of these plus more instruction videos, regarding Kettlebells

(As I see Ppl just not using them in the correct SAFE way)






More news coming soon on all of this…


In the meantime if you could hit the Like button I’d really appreciate it


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That’s all for now..


 KMF  ” Keep moving Forward’