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Should I work out Abs or Cardio Before or After Strength Training?


Hi all….


As I’ve been a personal trainer in Exeter for a number of years,
I am surprised that i get asked this question frequently. When is the very best time for Abs/Cardio? Ought it be done at the start, or should I be leaving it till later when all my other exercises is finished?

Over time, everyone has a different reaction, and there Is not actually one specific way of replying to this question.


I’m going to provide you a a couple of various selections, along with their positives and also downsides, and that way you will be able to see what works for you, and also for your six pack goals.




Doing Intense Cardio Just before a Workout …
Lots of people do this, they will go as well as do sprints on a bike, or do HIIT on a treadmill, then attempt to hit the weights after.

Due to the raised levels of oxygen consumption, their physical bodies are in a terrific area to be burning up fat. And as spending energy might sometimes make you feel like you have even more of it, the strength routine might be the most effective workout you have ever done.



The trouble?
The problem is that HIIT, to be effective, has to be most extreme. As well as if it’s intense, you’re not going to have any kind of energy left to do a helpful strength exercises.
Not only that, HIIT is everything about fat loss. If you’re doing it on the very same day as an energetic muscle building workout, you’re trying to mix two things right into one.
It’s way too much activity and also not enough focus.


Whenever your objective is fat loss, do your HIIT on separate days, and after that go in for some weight training, when you’ll manage to truly press heavy, on your non cardio days.


Doing an Extreme Abs Before an exercise …


Research carried out in January 2007 discovered that a group that did a 6 rep max squat set did substantially much less weight if they trained with their abs just before doing the squats.

It appeared that if you trained your abs first, you will certainly not have the core strength important to do specific leg exercises that require a fair amount of core strength.


If your abs and also core are maxed out from preceding exercises, it could possibly trigger weakness on succeeding exercises and also increase the danger of lower back injury.
I view way too many times Particular poorly trained Pt’s that work abs/core before strength training and hence why many injures have actually occurred..


Here is an Instance: Why would you fatigue your triceps muscles just before doing chest workout? You would not.
So Why would you fatigue your abs prior to doing any muscles that require your core as a main stabilise?

You shouldn’t. As simple as that…..


Doing Warmup Cardio Prior to a Workout …


Doing warmup cardio Is not a bad, as a matter of truth it can assist you burn some more calories on your exercises as your body prepares to go, straight after your workout. The cardio itself will not help you burn a bunch of fat by itself, yet that is not why you do workout cardio.


You still may want to think about interval training on your non-gym days, though.
Also Please don’t use your core workout as a warmup. There is no intensity in way to warmup and core muscles need intensity to become stronger and more developed – just like every muscle group.


Doing Intense Cardio After an Exercise …

Again, mixing in the techniques. If you have so much power left after your strength workout that you possibly have the ability to do some extreme cardio, however there’s a trouble.
If you’re really serious about building that muscle and getting that ripped, six pack body?
You should give it 110 % on your weight training routines. You need to bring every last little bit of energy to the workout your on. This does not suggest overtraining, it merely suggests a level of strength that equals the outcomes you want.



Doing Light Cardio After a workout…

Doing light cardio after an intense workout is perfectly okay – and add in some stretching too. Remember, though – it’s more for adding to what you have just done by trying to burn a few extra calories. This should not be HIIT and is not another workout. So keep it slow and make it part of your cool down.



Doing Intense Cardio on separated Days…

This is exactly what you should really be taking a look at. If you’re serious about body fat loss, the best is way is High Intensity Interval Training (somethingI attempt to incorporate right into virtually all my workouts when I can).
And also cardio, although it does gets a bad knock at times, it is very important. If you’re really concerned about fat loss, you can not merely endlessly lift/rest lift/rest in the gym all week and expect your body fat % to simply disappear.


Cardio also brings a bunch of health benefits by making your heart stronger as well as fitter.
Check what you want to centre on (are you building muscle correctly, or losing fat, or are you going to try the artful concept of both at once?), and adjust your cardio efforts accordingly!


The bottom line is: Abdominal training and also any sort of core work comes AFTER larger muscle groups.
Cardio exercises such as intense HITT to be done on alternate days from Resistance exercises for the very best in fat loss…





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Jason.. Personal training Exeter